c1Fishing in Helge å on (sections B to F on the map) is allowed from April 1 to October 15.

c2The validity of the fishing permit is stated on the card and entitles the catch of 2 trouts per day – day permit and 3-day permit. For season permits a quota of 25 trouts is allowed. When the quota has been filled, fishing must cease.

c3Grayling is protected and must always be released. Fishing for wels, that is an endangered species in Sweden, is prohibited. Unintentionally hooked wels must always be released. Fish that is to be released must not be taken out of the water but should be unhooked with the utmost caution and released immediately

c4Fishing is not permitted in the indicated area at Gustavsfors and at Brokabygden.

c5In sections where spinning is allowed, only jigs, spoons, wobblers and spin-flies are allowed. Fishing with live bait is prohibited in Helgeån.

c6Fishing from boat or canoe is not allowed in Helgeån (sections B – F).

c7Violation of these rules will result in the loss of the fishing permit.

c8Fishing without valid fishing permit will be reported to the police and the fishing gear will be confiscated.